Northwest K9 Inn and Spa


Award winning dog boarding, daycare, and grooming in Bellingham, wa

Formerly Northwest Kennels

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Welcome to Northwest K-9 Inn and Spa!

We are an award winning facility that offers Boarding, Daycare, and Grooming in Whatcom County. Our knowledgeable and loving staff are here to help with all of your pet care needs! Our philosophy is to treat your pet as if they are our own. Our facility offers some of the largest indoor kennels, largest play yards for Daycare, and experienced grooming staff that are here to pamper your pooch in our living room like grooming spa!

Why the name change?

For over three decades Northwest Kennels has been a landmark canine facility in Whatcom County. While the company has always strove to provide top quality care, we have been evolving and improving. Recently the building has undergone renovations, in addition to our staff upgrading our boarding, daycare, and grooming programs to fully suit the needs of each dog that visits. Throughout the years our facility become known simply as NWK. We wanted to still have NWK in our name; however, we also wanted to better embody and reflect our passion and new direction. Thus, Northwest K-9 Inn and Spa was born! In addition to guaranteeing the same personable experience you and your pup are familiar with, we hope to further emphasize our unique facility and excellent staff.

Our Services



We are here to be your pet’s home away from home! We offer some of the largest indoor kennels in Whatcom County, so dogs of every size can enjoy their stay. Safety is our number one priority and we offer the best care for your pup. Our staff is trained in behavior and health, with the ability to administer any medications or specialized diets. Our facility is fully heated and air conditioned in addition to having UV air purifiers to ensure that your pup is comfortable and healthy! Visit our boarding page for more information.



While you’re away at work or your pup longs for exercise and stimulation, our daycare program is here for you. A reservation free drop-off basis, our daycare program is suitable for any schedule. Supervised all day long, we offer a large outdoor play area for your pup to run, bounce, and socialize. Our outdoor play yard has a sandbox for endless digging, refreshing kiddie pools, and a bountiful array of toys for chewing and fetching. During rainy or otherwise unpleasant weather, we also use our indoor play area. We have an hour nap in the middle of the day where your pup can relax, take a breather, and eat some lunch before resuming play for a couple more hours. Please visit our daycare page for rates, our required temperament assessment, and all other information about our program.



Does your dirty pup need a bath after a long day of playing outside, a fresh spring cut, or a big de-shed blow out? Our grooming salon is the place for you! Collectively, our three groomers have over 20 years of grooming experience. Each pup may react to the salon differently, that’s why our salon is specially designed to feel more like a cozy living room rather than an industrialized shop. Practicing the philosophy “humanity over vanity” our groomers strive to make your pup’s grooming experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. To learn more about our philosophy, rates, packages, and all things grooming please visit our grooming page.


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