Welcome to our boarding page! This page will hopefully answer all questions you have about our boarding program!

Boarding is where NWK started and is an aspect we strove to make enjoyable and please for both you and our dog guests. With the most spacious kennels around, you are able to bring in personal bedding, toys, and blankets to customize your pup’s space. Cleanliness and sanitation is our top priority. Our facility gets cleaned top to bottom twice a day, including your pup’s kennel, the play yards, and our outdoor potty yards. In addition, we recently installed air conditioning along with a UV light filter to ensure comfort all year long and eliminate harmful pathogens such as mold, bacteria, and viruses. We have three different options for overnight boarding packages!

kennel ACCOMMODATION options

  • We offer some of the largest kennels in Whatcom county!

  • Our facility is equipped with air condition for the warm months and heating for the colder months

  • We utilize UV air filtering to eliminate harmful pathogens in addition to sanitizing your pets space twice a day

  • Large kennels are 20ft x 4ft. Perfect for large, or extra-large dog breeds and multiple dogs

  • Medium kennels are 10ft x 4ft. These kennels are roomy enough for large breeds or small/medium breeds that like a bit of extra space!

  • Small kennels are 7ft x 4ft and lidded. Perfect for the smallest of breeds, or shy guests

  • We will try our best to accommodate specific kennel requests, but lodging will be done by the date reservation is made and capacity. We reserve the right to change specific locations and kennel sizes based on the discretion of our staff

What is Required for your stay

  • We require records that these three vaccines are up to date before your stay:

    • Distemper / Parvo

    • Rabies

    • Bordetella

  • You can bring vaccination records when you drop your pup off, email them to, or have your vet fax them to 360-384-6577. Unfortunately due to time constraints we are unable to call your veterinarian to verify vaccines for you

What We Provide

Every kennel is supplied with the following:

  • 1 large bucket of water per dog

  • 1 food dish per dog.

  • 1 kuranda or pallet style bed for your dog’s comfort

  • If your pet can have bedding we have blankets and towels here to make their bed comfortable

What should you bring

  • Each dog must come in with their own leash and collar

  • We highly recommend bringing a blanket or bed. It will smell like home, which can make your pup’s stay much more comfortable

  • We encourage you to bring your dog’s normal diet. Suddenly switching can cause stomach upset for a lot of dogs. We are happy to feed your pet their normal kibble, wet, homemade, or raw diets! There is a $2 charge per day for using kennel food!

  • Any medications your pup is taking. Our staff is trained to administer pills and insulin!

  • There are no additional fees for feeding a special diet or administering medication

Who we allow

  • We do NOT discriminate against any breeds!

  • We require your puppy to be 16+ weeks old before boarding

  • If your pup is 14+ years, we require a note from your vet stating that they are healthy enough to stay with us

  • We do not allow dogs to stay that have a bite history or display aggressive behavior that may endanger our staff or other guests

our routine

  • Your pup’s day begins with being let our into our fenced paddocks for exercise and to relieve themselves for approximately an hour (weather dependent).

  • In the meantime, our staff sanitizes each kennel in addition to replacing linen along the way.

  • Your pets meal is prepared and put in their kennel, and dogs are brought in one at a time.

  • Medication will be administered and recorded at this time as well.

  • If your pet is signed up for our Daycare Program they head out to play with their buddies in the morning!

  • If your pet is signed up for Activity Packages they will receive their activities after they are finished with their meal and have some time to digest.

  • The process is repeated in the evening.


Activity Packages

Our activity packages are the perfect addition to your pup’s stay at NWK. They will give your pup some extra attention, exercise, and one-on-one time with our staff. Dogs with more energy or nerves benefit greatly from these packages. If you are bringing two pups to stay with us, we only charge for one activity. Schedule one activity package, or all three! We will do our best to accommodate all needs.

better COP.jpg

Come out and play

Our most popular package. Your pup is treated to a private play-date with one of our staff. Off leash, your pup will run, jump, or sniff in our enclosed yards. We offer an array of toys, water features, and endless affection. This is the perfect option for younger, active, and energetic dogs.


nature walk

During our nature walks, your pup gets to take a leisurely walk around our beautiful acreage. They get fresh air, exciting smells, and a calm break from the facility. Rain or shine, our staff will happily give your pup a tour of our gorgeous fields and peaceful pond. This is the perfect option for older, shy, or physically restricted dogs.


cuddles, snuggles, and snacks

If your pup needs a calm, relaxing cuddle session before bed, this is a great option. Our staff would love to spend some quality, relaxed time with your pup to help them wind-down for the night. We can give them our treats (contains chicken and wheat) or give them any treats you supply. This is a great option for a first-time boarding pup.