Welcome to the “spa” aspect of our company! With the most unique grooming salon in the county, our facility offers the most comfortable grooming experience for your dog. With three extremely talented groomers, we provide a 5 star grooming experience for any breed and their grooming needs. In addition to our facility being popular for our living-room aesthetic, our groomers also practice “humanity over vanity” to ensure the best experience for your pup. Through that, our groomers know many different strategies for comforting nervous or unsure pups. One popular strategy is the hammock, which helps calm small dogs! Our groomers employ a variety of strategies to truly make each dog’s experience positive along with working with each owner personally to ensure the perfect groom. Please scroll for specific information about every package we offer, or click the button to set up a grooming appointment for your pup!

Basic Grooming Packages

Prices depend on breed, size of dog, and coat condition. Please call or email our office to receive an estimate!


bath & brush-out

This is the perfect package if your pup boarded with us and you’re looking for them to be fresh and clean before pick-up. This is also great for our daycare pups, or anyone who is looking for an overall pick-me-up for their pup! This package includes:

  • A warm bath with our oatmeal shampoo;

  • anal gland expression;

  • ear cleaning;

  • 10 - 20 minutes of brushing;

  • paw and sanitary trim;

  • and nail dremel.

tidy trim.jpg

Tidy Trim

Our tidy trim is the perfect package for your double coated breed (Australian Shepherd, Boarder Collie, Golden Retriever, Corgi) or for any pup in-between a full groom. This package helps maintain a healthy mat-free coat. It includes:

  • The entire Bath & Brush-Out Package;

  • Light scissoring of the face, legs, belly, and booty.


full Haircut

Our full haircuts are catered to each individual pup — which includes their breed, coat type, size, and coat health. Our groomers groom pups from Shih-Tzus to Giant Schnauzers. This package is great for many breeds at the beginning of the spring and summer, or can be maintained every 2 months. This package includes:

  • The entire Bath & Brush-Out Package;

  • and a customized all-over body haircut and style.

Pampered Pup Package

Upgrade your groom with any of these premium shampoos for $10 more.



Our silky shampoo to help prevent tangles and leave coat extra soft



Our brightening shampoo that makes whites brighter and darks shinier.



Our deodorizing shampoo soak for extra oily and stinky coats.



Our plum, silky shampoo that leaves oily coats very soft and silky.



A medicated chlorhexidine shampoo for irritated or yeasty skin.



A natural hemp shampoo for the northwest granola pup.



A 10 minute soak in our natural flea shampoo to kill and repel fleas.

Pampered Pup Plus



+ $20

Select a shampoo upgrade (from the list above) to add to any of your basic grooms. We will also use a softening conditioner along with tooth brushing.


De-Shedding treatment

Price Varies

Our most popular upgrade! The de-shedding treatment can reduce shedding up to 90%. It includes a 10 minute soak in a de-shed conditioner solution, premium shampoo, and up to 30 minutes of extra brushing.



+ $25

Our premium oatmeal shampoo and conditioner soak. This package helps de-tangle mats away from the skin. It will leave your pup’s coat extra silky and soft.


So what does "Humanity Over Vanity" mean?
Humanity over vanity means that we ensure each dog has a positive and relaxing spa day rather than a traumatizing “perfect” groom. We keep our practices force-free and strive for wagging tails, friendly kisses, and wiggly butts. Lets be honest, most of our dogs don’t love standing in one place for an hour, and that’s okay! As groomers, we get it; however, instead of “getting through it” we go on a journey full of assurance, love, and respect. It looks different for each dog, but we utilize our freedom to cater to each pup’s individual experience and aim for the best one possible. To make the best experience possible we may take a mid-groom break and:
- snuggle on our cozy blue couch;
- stretch our legs in the back yard;
- take the extra 10 minutes to turn down the power of the blow dryer for a timid pup;
- or enjoy a cozy trip to our "grooming hammock" for a more relaxing pawdicure

We have found that integrity is the highest quality one looks for when it comes to taking care of their fur babies. What goes on during my pup’s groom? Is my pup nervous because of a bad experience, or exited by the atmosphere? Where do I find a good groomer? While we aren’t professional dog whisperers, we have learned a couple tips and tricks over the years. We recognize doggy stress signals, employ calming methods, and simply have so much fun! Just as importantly, you will see that we love what we do. Grooming is more than a job — it’s a creative outlet and a way we show love to fellow dog owners. We really do believe in treating your pets like family. Some may call it the “Golden Rule” of the pet industry. So come stop by our facility because we would love to meet you and your pup!

Britt, Steph, and Alice